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Jason Kelly – Tabitha Welch

Two Charged With Possession Of Precursors

Staff Report

TILLATOBA – Two people from Grenada were charged with possession of precursors  following a traffic stop on I-55 last Thursday.

    Jason Kelly, 33, and Tabatha Welch, 23, were stopped on I-55 after the sheriff’s department received information they had purchased pseudoephedrine pills from a Memphis pharmacy.

    “We already had a justice court arrest warrant on Welch,” Sheriff Humphreys reported. “When the deputy got behind their car, he made visual contact with Welch and made the traffic stop,” Humphreys said.

    In a search incident to arrest, deputies found pseudoephedrine pills, Red Devil Lye and lithium batteries, all common ingredients used in methamphetamine production, according to the sheriff’s department.

    “They are from Grenada County, but they are delivering precursors to Yalobusha County,” Humphreys added.

    The sheriff’s department also had a previous warrant on Welch for possession of precursors.

    Justice Court Judge Gary Tippit set Welch’s bond at $102,000 and Kelly’s bond at $16,000. Kelly bonded out Monday.

Reported Rape Not True Says Sheriff

By David Howell

WAYSIDE – An alleged rape reported July 17 in the Wayside community in the southeastern tip of Yalobusha County did not happen.

    Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported that the victim confessed that she had fabricated the story last Tuesday, three days after reporting the rape.

    Humphreys said that the 18-year old girl, Brittany Stephens, initially told authorities she had been forced into a pickup truck by two men and raped. She had been walking down the road returning to her residence.

    “She admitted that she made up the story, she told us she was scared because she was in trouble with her parents for being gone to long,” Humphreys said.

    Humphreys said his department received the 911 call at 6:15 p.m. on July 17. Deputies were on the scene at 6:31 p.m.

    “There was no kidnapping, there was no rape,” Humphreys said. “This is an unfortunate incident, our deputies spent a lot of man hours working this case,” the sheriff added.

    Humphreys also said the case was an embarrassment to one of the suspects initially identified by Stephens.

    “We picked this guy up in the middle of the night and took him in for questioning, he was very upset,” Humphreys added.

    The suspect had an alibi and readily agreed to submit DNA for analysis, according to the sheriff.

    The investigation is ongoing, and Humphreys said Stephens could face criminal charges for providing false information to law enforcement officials.

WV Assists Lafayette With Stolen Firearms

WATER VALLEY – Sgt. A. J. Hernandez reported the following law enforcement activity within the City Limits since July 18:
• Made an arrest for domestic simple assault;
• Made an arrest for DUI, first offense;
• Made an arrest for public drunk;
• Made an arrest for driving under suspension;
• Assisted Lafayette County authorities with an investigation of stolen firearms;
• Took two reports of malicious mischief;
• Took two reports of vehicle accidents;
• Took a report of simple domestic assault;
• Took a report of animal cruelty;
• Took a report of petty larceny;
• Took a report of abuse of a vulnerable adult;
• Took a report of abuse of attempt to commit an offense;
• Took a report of identity theft;
• Took a report of disturbing the peace;
• Issued eight traffic tickets.

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