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Voter Turnout Lags Behind 2008 Election

Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney (right) goes over results with District Two Election Commissioner Missy Kimzey late Tuesday night.

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – Four races across the county remained undecided following last Tuesday’s Democratic Primary prompting a runoff for sheriff, district one constable, county prosecuting attorney  and district 3 supervisor.

    Voters will now return to the polls on August 23 to settle these four races remaining on the Democratic ticket, along with a statewide race for governor between Johnny Dupree and Bill Luckett.

    Dupree led the ticket with 43 percent of the votes, followed by Luckett with 39 percent of the votes statewide, but in Yalobusha County retired tax assessor Guy Dale Shaw received the most votes.

    Shaw polled 1,714 votes in the county and 7 percent statewide for governor. Shaw’s vote tally, combined with a fourth candidate, William Bond Com-pton, Jr.,  pushed the two leading candidates into the runoff. Compton received 10 percent of the vote statewide.

    Both Shaw and Compton have publicly endorsed Dupree.

    The winner of the runoff between Dupree and Luckett will face Republican nominee Phil Bryant in the November General Election.

    In the Republican runoff, Yalobusha voters can vote for one, undecided statewide race for treasurer between Lynn Fitch and Lee Yancey. Approxi-mately 185 voters in the county voted on the Republican ticket, compared to almost 4500 voters in the Democratic Primary.

    “I was disappointed in the turnout,” Yalobusha County Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney reported. “We only had about 53 percent of our registered voters come out.”

    Burney noted that this turnout was much lower than the 2008 presidential election, when 6,826 voters, or 70 percent participation.

Local Races

    In the sheriff’s race, incum-bent Lance Humphreys led the ticket last Tuesday in the Democratic ticket with 1,645 votes, or just over 36 percent of the vote. Jamie Caldwell earned the number two spot with 1,363 votes, or just under 30 percent of the votes.

    The two candidates will face off in the runoff, setting up a rematch from four years ago. The winner of the runoff will face independent candidate Russ Smith in the General Election.

    In the bid for county prosecuting attorney, Gail Barton led the ticket with 1,789 votes, followed closely by David Burns with 1,546 votes, setting up the runoff. A third candidate in this race, Daniel Martin received 1,150 votes. This contested race was set up following the retirement of incumbent J.K. Ward.

    In the third runoff in the county, Lee McMinn led the four-way ticket for district 3 supervisor with 375 votes, followed by Kenny Goolsby with 311 votes.

    In the final runoff in the county, for District One Constable, Brent Anderson led the four-way ticket with 1,055 votes, followed by Marvin Horton with 656 votes.

    The winner of the runoff will face independent candidate Stella Townes and Republican candidate Carl Park in the November election.

    For complete election results in the Democratic Primary, broken down by precinct, see the item below this one. Results from the Republican Primary will be published in next week’s Herald.

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