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Reading Rescheduled

The reading by Offutt and Ginsburg has been rescheduled to Friday Sept 14th at Bozarts. Time is still 7 PM.


Original item from Mickey Howley’s Street Talk column:

This Friday night at 7 p.m. in Bozarts Gallery, as part of the on-going Arts Council Poetry series, there will be two more creative artists visiting. There will be reading by writer Chris Offutt and poet Melissa Ginsberg. If you don’t recognize Chris Offutt’s name, more than likely you have seen the Kentucky native’s work. He has written several novels, but the glamour aspect of his work has been with screenplays—like “True Blood.” The modern gothic set in a small southern town. And he has written for “Treme”—probably the only TV show set in New Orleans that the natives don’t make outright fun of. Melissa Ginsberg has a last name with poetic history. Not sure if she is related to Allen, but she is originally from Texas and has won several poetry awards. A working poet and she is good.

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