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Popular Reality Show Stars In Grenada

Claudia Anthony took this photo showing the line stretching across the parking lot and down the road at Lakeway Sporting Goods.

Here is a photo from Roger Thomas showing the other end of the line. Looks like Roger is going to be there a while.

For those of us who are not going to stand in line, this is as close as we are going to get to ole Phil and Jep.

Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty at Lakeway Sporting Goods In Grenada.

Phil welcoming everyone to Lakeway Sporting Goods in Grenada.

Bottom line “Duck Calls” Phil displays a few calls

Jep, and Cousin Mark waiting on stage. Duck Dynasty’s stars Phil Robertson and youngest son Jep will be back in Grenada tomorrow from 1-4 get there early todays line was at least 1000 plus people…

All the Dynasty stuff sold out early. Here Lakeway employees are selling the last of the decoys and T-shirts.

Phil was very pleasant to Chat with today, he’s been hunting the area’s ducks since Wed.

Jep and Dad Phil thanking us for welcoming them to Mississippi

These 2 signed hats shirts decoys cell phones pretty much anything you wanted signed.

Phil about to call the ducks for all the girls in Mississippi “Sippi”

The look..

Traffic was horrible for the Grenada Police Dept today. Autograph seekers were parked for over a mile up and down hwy 333 as well as Hwy 8.

Mark is a cousin and often travels with the crew,today he drove for Phil and the others and when interviewed said they had to be in Kansas on Sunday for a similar event but wanted to stop by the lake and do a little Duck Hunting. Mark said that they had been up since about 3:30 this morning and in all they stacked up about 30 Nice Duck.

I interviewed people from all over the state today, Here about 700 or more people await in Long line to see Phil and Jep Robertson.

Brittany Fries from the Valley.

Cody Wiley, Jack Burns, Missy Kimzey, Mary Claire, Brittany Fries from Water Valley reported that they were some of the last people that got to get a autograph today as you can see the line is much much longer meaning that a lot of people waited in line and still didn’t get in to see them.

Long line still even after several hours

Our roving reporters Mark and Claudia Anthony report hundreds of people in line at Lakeway Archery in Grenada waiting to get autographs from Phil and Jep from the popular Duck Dynasty reality television show on A&E.

They report  quite a few folks from Water Valley waiting in line. The first person in line has been there since 8 a.m. this morning. To get something autographed, it must be first purchased from Lakeway Sporting Goods.

Mark said the police had been helping keep the pushing and shoving in the crowd to a minimum. Looks like it is going to be a long afternoon. The celebrities will return Saturday afternoon for another round of autographs.

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