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Law Enforcement Report

City Crime Report

WATER VALLEY – Police Officer Cameron Cummings reported the following law enforcement investigations within the city limits from Dec. 3 through Dec. 10:
• Natural death on Askew Street;
• Natural death on Wise Street;
• Burglary on Wood Street;
• Burglary on Eckford Street;
• Burglary on Calhoun Street;
• Petty larceny on Boyd Street;
• Petty larceny on Eckford Street;
• Petty larceny on Beacham Street;
• Petty larceny on Blackmur Drive;
• Simple domestic assault on South Main St.;
• Malicious mischief on Lee Street;
• Sale of controlled substance on Buena Vista Drive;
• Shoplifting on South Main Street;
• Violation of city dog ordinance on Henry Place;
• Issued 20 traffic citations.

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