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Congressman Bids Farewell To The County

Guest Commentary By
Congressman Alan Nunnelee

WASHINGTON – Serving as your representative in the United States Congress has been one of the highest honors of my life. Yalobusha County has been good to me, and I regret that in the new Congress I will no longer officially be representing you. Tori and I will always treasure the friendships we made with you.  
    My goal is to bring your values to our nation’s capitol.  That means working for limited, fiscally responsible government that respects traditional values such as the right to life and the 2nd Amend-ment. These are values that I will continue to defend on your behalf because it is my job to represent all of the people of Mississippi, not just the 1st Congres-sional District.  
   Mississippians also believe in living within our means. We know that borrowing four dollars out of every 10 you spend is a bad idea.
 Washington could use more Mississippi common sense and less political double talk.  Requiring a balanced budget in D.C. like we do for our state government would be a good start.
    The listening tour stops, town hall meetings, and opportunities to visit with you in Water Valley, Coffeeville, Tillatoba, and Oakland were invaluable learning experiences. I also cannot wait for the next chance to come to Watermelon Carnival, one of the best community events in Mississippi.
    The goal we set at the beginning was to be the most accessible congressional office possible.  Listening to you makes me better at my job and helping you when dealing with the federal bureaucracy is a primary responsibility. Plus, it is a lot more fun to be in Mississippi talking issues with you than dealing with the liberals in Washington!
    It has been an honor and a privilege to serve you. I still have a strong interest in working with you and your elected officials on any project that will bring jobs and economic growth to our state.
    Groups such as the Yalobusha County Econo-mic Development District led by my friend, Bob Tyler, help make the future bright for Yalobusha County and Mississippi. We have some of the hardest working, kindest folks and the more business leaders from around the country and the globe find out about us, the more they want to invest here.  
    Thank you for your support and friendship and if you are ever in D.C., (or the Grove or Junction) please stop by and say hello.

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