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Late Paper This Week

The Herald will be delivered a little late this week due to the weather. Icy conditions overnight slowed delivery from the printer until about 9:30 Wednesday morning. In the meantime, you can check out our online edition (look at the column to the left, second item down). This month we’re offering a free preview of the entire newspaper online.
    Starting next month, The North Mississippi Herald will begin offering online subscriptions. Online subscribers will be able to view a full PDF version of the paper each week that includes a page-by-page view.
    The change comes after the Herald has offered free online content for a number of years.  The Herald’s website,, will continue to have free content, but online subscribers will be able to access enhanced content plus the full PDF version of the newspaper.
    The price for the print edition will remain unchanged, however a print-plus online subscription and an online-only subscription are now available.
    “This will not affect our long-standing subscribers who look forward to holding a newspaper each week,” Herald editor David Howell explained. “However readers across the country or across town will have instant digital access to the entire paper each Wednesday,” Howell explained.
    With the website upgrade, the Herald will also be able to offer more breaking news stories and other content on the website.

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