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Medical Marijuana Lands Colorado Men In County Jail

Sheriff Lance Humphreys (standing), Constable Brent Anderson and deputy Thomas West display five bags of marijuana, $436 in cash, and a cell phone seized following an arrest Sunday night. – Photo by David Howell

Among items seized in the arrest were a medical id card (top left) and a business card from Myxed Up Creations, a Colorado business.

By David Howell

OAKLAND – Authorities seized five bags of marijuana and cash during a driver’s safety checkpoint Sunday night.
    Curtis Lee Johnson and Jeffrey Jones, both of Colorado, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.
    Both men had medical marijuana cards allowing them to legally purchase the drugs in Colorado.
    “The subject admitted to purchasing it in Colorado and transporting it here to sell for profit,” Humphreys said. The marijuana weighed an estimated five ounces.
    Johnson has a lengthy criminal history and was reportedly in the area to attend a funeral. Deputy Thomas West and Constable Brent Anderson made the arrest at the checkpoint on Hwy. 51 near the Panola-Yalobusha County line.
    “There was a strong odor of raw marijuana,” West told the Herald. Johnson was also charged with no driver’s license, no proof of liability insurance and no tag.
    West also seized $466 and a cell phone during the traffic stop. Both men remain in the Yalobusha County jail at presstime.
    Anderson and West also made a DUI arrest during the checkpoint. The driver was charged with DUI first after registering .19 blood-alcohol-content.
    The same two law enforcement officers  made a misdemeanor drug arrest at a driver’s safety checkpoint on Saturday at the intersection of Hwy. 32 and 51.
    A female was charged with driving with a suspended license, DUI first and possession of marijuana.
    West said the suspect hid the alleged marijuana in a pill bottle in her pants and a female dispatcher had to respond.
    West and Anderson also worked a felony drug case earlier this month at a similar driver’s safety checkpoint in Oakland.
    Stacy Benson and Margie Gipson were both charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, according to West.
    Other law enforcement activity includes:
    • Deputies recovered a stolen 18-wheeler trailer at the Shell Gas Mart in Oakland. The trailer had been stolen in Washington County back in November and had been sitting at Shell for several weeks.
    “A truck driver noticed the wheels were sinking in the parking lot,” Hum-phreys said.
    • Worked two traffic accidents with injuries, a one-vehicle crash on County Road 211 and a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Hwy. 330 and 7.
    • Took a report of petty larceny on County Road 220 on Feb. 23.
    • Took a report of theft on County Road 211 on Feb. 23.
    • Made an arrest for disturbance of the family, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct on County Road 87 on Feb. 19.
    • Took a report of identity theft on Feb. 19.
    • Responded to a one-vehicle traffic accident on Hwy 7 South on Feb. 19.
    • Took a report of malicious mischief on County Road 440 on Feb. 18.
    • Took a report of grand larceny on County Road 216 on Feb. 17.
    • Took a report of simple assault on County Road 199 on Feb. 18.
    • Responded to a domestic disturbance on County Road 222 on Feb. 15.
    • Investigated a burglary on County Road 142 on Feb. 12. The victim reported $100 was stolen.
    • Took a reporting of a disturbance on County Road 432 on Feb. 11.
    According to West, a black male entered the house and asked the occupant the location of her boyfriend. The caller stated the man ran back out into the yard and fired one round from a SKS-type rifle, according to West. One spent rifle round was recovered. Deputies also reported the odor of marijuana in the residence.
    • Made an arrest for drug paraphernalia at a driver’s safety checkpoint on Hwy. 51 on Feb. 9.
    • Made an arrest for disorderly conduct on Hwy. 330. The problem stemmed from a family disturbance.


Uvalle Remains Incarcerated After Arrest

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A Varda-man man remains behind bars on a $50,000 bond  following a drug arrest on Feb. 16.
    Eddie Uvalle, an immigrant worker from Calhoun County, was charged with simple possession of marijuana following a lengthy investigation into narcotics being shipped into the county.
    Sheriff Lance Humphreys and deputies made the arrest after Uvalle picked up the package from a carrier at a residence on County 222 and drove to a residence in Coffeeville on Okahoma Street. Humphreys said Uvalle worked for a sweet potato farmer in Calhoun County.
    A tip first alerted authorities that marijuana was being shipped to the county from south Texas. Humphreys said the drugs are likely connected to the Mexican drug cartel.


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