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Teens Linked To Four Break-Ins

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – Four teens apprehended after an alleged break-in attempt at Constable Brent Anderson’s residence on County Road 212 Friday night have been linked to a series of burglaries.
    Martavious Kincaide, 19,  faces one court of burglary of a dwelling and two counts of attempted burglary after Anderson stopped the vehicle when it left his residence. Three other juveniles also apprehended in the vehicle have been turned over to youth court, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.
    The sheriff told the Herald that Anderson’s wife was dispatching for the sheriff’s department and Brent had gone to town when his teenage kids called to report the suspicious activity.
    “We have a confession, they were fixing to kick the front door in the residence when Brent arrived,” Humphreys told the Herald.
    The four males left on foot and got in their vehicle when Anderson gave chase. He stopped them several miles down the road and was quickly backed up by deputies, who assisted in the arrest.
    Multiple stolen items from an earlier break-in on County Road 82 were recovered from their vehicle including a flat screen television, a camera and several Asian swords.
    The four also face charges for a third house they targeted that night, also on County Road 212.
    “They raised the window at that house and apparently got scared and left,” Humphreys explained.
    The owner of the residence discovered the raised window the next day at the unoccupied cabin.
    “Basically, they were linked to Brent’s house, another attempted break-in and the break-in on County Road 82 all in the same night,” Humphreys reported.
    Two of the juveniles are 17 and the third juvenile is 15. They were turned over to their parents. At presstime Tuesday,  Kincaide was awaiting an initial appearance.
    “We are going to work with the youth court judge and see if we can get the two 17 year-olds adjudicated so they can be charged as adults,” Humphreys said. The 15 year-old could be sent to reform school.    
    “Working with the parents’ consent, we were able to obtain a confession.”
    A fourth home on County Road 184, south of Coffeeville targeted two months earlier may also be linked to one or more of the suspects arrested Friday, according to Humphreys. Several guns and other items were reported missing in that break-in.
    “We have been working around the clock since the arrests to identify additional break-ins that could be linked to one or more of the four apprehended. We are also continuing to recover stolen items,” Humphreys said.
    Other law enforcement activity during the last week includes:
    • Made an arrest for possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, no seatbelt, and driving with a suspended driver’s license on May 3 in Water Valley;
    • Took a report of a stolen 2006 Mustang on I-55 near the Oakland exit.
    Humphreys said the vehicle’s owner had left the vehicle after it broke down. When she returned to retrieve the car, it was gone.
    “This goes on all up and down the interstate,” the sheriff told the Herald.

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