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Law Enforcement Report

Stolen Jewelry, Credit Card Leads To Arrests

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A stolen credit card has landed three people in jail after being linked to multiple fraudulent charges at businesses in Water Valley and Coffeeville.
    The card and jewelry were taken from a home on County Road 98 outside Water Valley earlier this month.
    Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported Angela Michelle Hastings faces one count of grand larceny, five counts of credit card fraud and one count of petty larceny for allegedly taking the credit card and jewelry from the residence.
    “Hastings was working at the residence and was linked to the stolen items,” Humphreys told the Herald.
    William Robert Reed and Kyra Cheyenne Savage each face charges of credit card fraud for allegedly using the stolen card. All three were picked up Monday after deputies scanned video surveillance from the stores the trio had visited. Humphreys was working to formally charge all three at presstime Tuesday. All three are from Water Valley.
    Humphreys added that additional suspects could face charges in the ongoing investigation.
    “We have not been able to recover any of the jewelry. We have contacted pawn shops and cash for gold businesses from Grenada County all the way north to the state line with no success,” the sheriff added.
    Anyone with any information about the jewelry or the crime is urged to contact Yalobusha County Crime-stoppers.
    Crimestoppers will pay up to $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction, according to the sheriff.
    To contact Crimestoppers, call 1-866-933-TIPS or 473-4935 or send an email to: TIPS@Yalobusha County. net.

Police Seek Tips In School Burglary

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Police are investigating a break-in at Davidson Elementary School that resulted in the loss of a laptop computer and a collection of rubber bands.
Officers were called to the 5th and 6th grade building last Friday morning after a teacher reported the computer missing. She told the investigating officer that she had last seen the Dell Latitude computer at the end of the school day Thursday.
According to the police report, the teacher also said that her desk had been gone through and a small wire basket had been removed from a drawer and was on the floor. She stated that the basket had been full of rubber bands and they were all gone except for two lying on the floor near the basket.
During the investigation, another teacher reported that a window in her room was open and she knew that it had been shut the previous day. The officer examined the window, which is on the backside of the building, and determined that it could have been the point of entry.
Nothing was missing from this room, the officer noted in the report.
Anyone with information about the break-in, the missing computer or the rubber bands is urged to contact the Water Valley Police Depart-ment at 473-2933 or Crime-stoppers at 1-866-933-TIPS or 473-4935 or send an email to: TIPS@ Yalobusha

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