No Tax Hike In School Budget

Water Valley School District Business Manager Randy Goodwin breaks down the budget for the upcoming school year during the annual budget hearing.

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Taxpayers in the local school district won’t be seeing a tax increase for the upcoming school year.
And, that is despite the decrease in the amount of ad valorem taxes collected for schools, from $1,792,195 for this school year to $1,742,701 for the next. That is a $49,494 difference.
Those figures come from a 20-page handout prepared by District Business Manager Randy Goodwin for the annual budget hearing held last Thursday at the district office on Market Street.
The total projected revenue for fiscal year 2014 is $9,619,440 or $35,750 more than the revenue for fiscal year 2013.
Goodwin projected that expenditures will be $9,470,139 of which 80.22 percent ($7,596,931) is salaries and benefits.
“We will put $149,301 back into fund balance,” Goodwin said.
Among the expenditures listed in the district maintenance fund for the upcoming school year is $50,000 for text books, $33,500 for janitorial supplies, $30,000 for water and sewer, $150,000 for electricity, $45,000 for telephones, and $60,000 for natural gas.
Expenditures for items related to student transportation include $10,000 for tires, $31,050 for repair parts and $140,000 for diesel fuel.
School officials will adopt the fiscal year 2014 budget during a separate session held before the regular July board meeting.

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