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Gift Sparks Outdoor Quest For Entire Family

“Two Snakes” is one of Suzy Robinson’s wildlife photographs on display through August in the lobby of Renasant Bank on Central Street.

One of Robinson’s favorite photographs is this one of a family of Canadian geese being helped to raise their young by the Robinson’s tame, white goose known as “Uncle Goose.”

Although this photo is not on display in the Renasant exhibit, it shows Zachary Maxwell and Dorah Lee, the Robinson’s Cairn Terriers, in “The Proposal.” Another of the photographer’s passions is adopting rescue dogs.

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Wildlife photography by Suzy Robinson is the current art show on display through August at Renasant Bank on Central Street.
The images hang in the bank’s lobby as the latest installment of a series of rotating shows sponsored by the bank and the Water Valley Arts Council.
Robinson said that she has always been interested in various art forms and in photography particularly. “I am also interested in observing the animal kingdom in all its wondrous forms, both wild and domestic,” she continued.
When Robinson’s husband, Clyde, gifted her with a Canon digital camera, she was off on an adventure. “I have been fortunate enough to have two country homes with a variety of wildlife photography opportunities and also try to keep my eyes open while traveling Mississippi country roads.”
Robinson added that she and her husband gave her daughter, Stephanie, and granddaughter, Alexandra, the same type camera. “A fantastic family rivalry was born. We each secretly try to outdo the others with our photographs, which only serves to make us all better. Also, we unselfishly share tips to improve our work.”
“We each cater to a different subject area which gives us a nice subject range,” Robinson noted. “While I mostly trend toward wildlife, my daughter does fantastic photos of horses and dogs. My granddaughter takes awesome scenery photos.”
One of her favorite photos is of a pair of Canadian geese that come to the lake on their property every year to raise their young. In the photo is their white, tame goose known as “Uncle Goose” since he helps the Canadian pair raise their goslings. “We have another goose,” Robinson said. “But, he is not allowed to help…only Uncle Goose.”
She also mixes photography with another of her passions, adopting rescue dogs. They have four; a Rottweiler, a Lab, and the two Cairn Terriers. “We found Zachary Maxwell through Cairn Rescue USA and went through the adoption process, which involved references, onsite visits, and lots of paperwork-just like adopting a baby. We went to Kentucky to get him.”
Robinson said that she and her husband had to take turns walking him, so they decided to get another so each would have one. “When my husband and I had to take turns walking him, we decided to get another so we would each have one. We found Dorah Lee at a pound in Alabama.”
“Rescue animals make grateful, adoring, wonderful pets and I encourage people to go there first instead of buying puppies from breeders.”
Robinson is always looking for ways to improve her photography. She has hopes that sometime in the future Santa Claus will bring her what she describes as a “HUGE telephoto lens.”
Renasant Bank and the Arts Council are always looking for artists of all ages to display their work in Water Valley. Paintings, photography, quilts, multimedia, drawings, collages (two-dimensional work that is able to hang on a wall) would be accepted. All works must be ready to hang with proper frames and wires for hanging. If interested please call Pati D’Amico at 473-0972.

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