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Sheriff Warns Of Panhandler

Staff Report

COFFEEVILLE – Sheriff Lance Humphreys said a man knocking on doors in the Coffeeville area asking for gas money is using a fictitious story for sympathy.
    Humphreys said his department has fielded several phone calls from concerned residents about the man, described as a black male in his 40s, requesting money.
    “He has told several people he needs money for gas to travel to a Memphis hospital to check on a loved one. We have been able to determine the story is false,” the sheriff explained.
    Humphreys warns Yalobusha residents to always be wary in situations where someone is requesting money.
    “Give us a call, we will be happy to check it out first. If it is bogus, we can press charges if the victim will sign an affidavit,” Humphreys said.
    In this particular case, Humphreys said the man knocked on one door on Hwy. 7 just outside Coffeeville at 3 a.m.
    “He can be charged with a misdemeanor, but our deputies can’t actually file the charges unless they see it occur,” Humphreys explained. “In the State of Mississippi if it is a misdemeanor you have to see it to cite it,” he explained.
    To contact the sheriff’s department, call 473-2722 or 675-2444.

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