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Crawl Features Almost 40 Artists

Staff Report

WATER VALLEY–Here we go again!  It’s time for the Water Valley Arts Council’s famous—and award winning—Art Crawl.   
    If you’ve wondered what the big deal is about Water Valley, now is the perfect time to find out.  The 5th Annual Art (and Music) Crawl is scheduled Saturday, September 21th, from 5:30 to 9 p.m., followed by a live Runway Show on Main Street featuring the fashion designs of Julia Ray.  
    Join attendees at the private After Party at Pizza Getti, 407 N. Main Street, with live music by Kevin Guyer and Friend.
This event is free to the public. There are 15 stops on the tour and eight are new to this year’s Crawl. All but one of the Crawl locations are comfortably within walking distance of each other. Stops on the tour will offer visitors light refreshments and a peek into the private world of working artists. Some studios will include displays of other local artists’ work. Children are welcome!
Artists participating in this year’s crawl include Erin Austen Abbott, Lane Berg, Sophia Burandt, David Burke, Kichea Burt, Ashley Chavis, Obie Clark, John Steele Davis, Pati D’Amico, Mari Foster, Coulter Fussell, Hanne Gaycken, Katrina Geenen, Vanessa Gilpin, Amanda and Jason Heavner, Peyton Hill, Robert Montgomery Holleman, Patsy Humphreys, Libby Kuchta, Sheri Marshall, Rebecca, Jennifer, and Savannah McGavock, Jennifer Pace, Megan Kingery Patton, Julia Ray, Natalie Rodgers, Pablo Sierra, Keith Stewart, Bill Warren, Brooke White, Brian Williams and Haley Yur-kow. Terry Rockett will also have poetry.
Musicians include Eric McGeehee, the VanWinkles, Bryan Ward, Reiko Yamada, Andrew Yurkow, and the Zeidecker Boys.
Galleries on the Crawl are Bozarts, J. Clayton’s Eclectic Arts, and Yalo Studio.
Crawl maps can be picked up the night of the event from Yalo Studio (303 N. Main Street) or Bozarts Gallery (403 N. Main Street). The event is sponsored by Eddie Foster and The Caryl Company, Lee McMinn/ Kessinger Real Estate, Turnage Drug Store, and the BTC Old Fashioned Grocery.      Additional supporters include L. Hart, Inc., Rex Howell Realty, Fischer Properties, Tyler Wortham/ Main Street Insurance, and the Radiosonde Museum of North America.
For more information call Ramona Bernard (662) 473-9851.

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