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Eagle Sightings Number 16 During Winter Survey

Park Ranger Deborah Freeman took pictures of these two mature Bald Eagles near Persimmon Hill Recreation Area at Enid Lake.

Corps employee, Donna Wright took pictures of this mature Bald Eagle along the Yocona River.

Staff Report

ENID LAKE –A total of 16 bald eagles were spotted during the annual Mid-Winter Bald Eagle Survey held last Wednesday at Enid Lake. Rangers and four volunteers spent the morning combing the area for the majestic birds and the sighting included 13 mature and three immature eagles.
    Corps Natural Resource Specialist Chris Hannaford reported that the annual survey has been done for a number of years and the numbers typically are steady
     “We have had some up and down years, but that’s about average,” Hannaford said about the bird count. He added that the sightings were scattered across the lake.
    Hannaford said habitat at Enid, Sardis, Arkabutla and Grenada lakes offer great opportunities to spot an eagle.
    “Eagles migrate to these areas because there is an abundance of food and habitat for nesting,” he told the Herald. Popular areas to view eagles at Enid Lake include  Wallace Creek, Persim-mon Hill, North Abut-ment, and off the Yocona River Bridge on Mississippi High-way 51. For safety, Hanna-ford urged motorists to be sure and pull off the roadways completely when viewing eagles.
     To minimize the effect of human disturbance on wintering eagles, the following guidelines should be helpful.
 • Observe eagles only from vehicles or designated obser-vation points.  This minimizes disturbance and maximizes viewing opportunities.  Automobile traffic is one of the least disturbing human activities, but boats can disrupt eagle activity patterns.
  • All one needs to view eagles is a good pair of binoculars. This allows you to view the eagles without disturbing them.
     For more information on eagle viewing please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571.

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