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Helmets Required At Area Lakes

Staff Report

VICKSBURG – Starting Friday, the U.S. Corps of Engineers will begin enforcement for helmet use at  Enid Lake for both operators and passengers riding all terrain and utility vehicles on lake property. The helmets must be DOT approved.
    Signs have been erected in many locations to inform the public of the new requirement and park rangers have also spent many weekends patrolling the lake bottom to inform visitors of the coming regulations. Helmets are also required at other U.S. Corps operated lakes including Sardis, Grenada and Arkabutla.
Operation of these vehicles will continue to be allowed on mudflats and sections of the shoreline, boundary line and fire lanes, according to a press release from park rangers at Enid Lake.  However, riding is restricted in all designated recreation areas including: campgrounds, beaches, boat ramps and project land posted no motorized vehicles.
     Operators who refuse to follow the the rules will be cited and subject to fine, appear before a Federal Magistrate, and/or suffer banishment from the lake.
The strict enforcement of all rules and regulations is intended to provide a safe environment for ATV operation, protection of natural resources, and to minimize the impact on the environment, according to the press release.
“It is imperative that riders practice safety and follow all rules and regulations, while riding or using ATVs for recreational or work-related purposes at Enid Lake,” according to the press release.
According to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 36, it is unlawful to operate any vehicle in a careless, negligent or reckless manner.
Street legal vehicles as well as mud trucks are prohibited from operating in the lake bottom for the purpose of mud riding. Operators of these vehicles are in violation of CFR Title 36 and can receive a citation.
 “SKIMMING”, which is motoring an ATV to a high rate of speed, and hydroplaning across water, is also violation of CFR Title 36.
Operation of any motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol above legal limits is illegal and also constitutes careless and reckless operation.
“The future of ATV use at Enid Lake depends on the conduct of all ATV operators. Therefore, it is imperative that all ATV users practice responsible riding, respect other visitors, be environmentally conscious, and abide by all rules and regulations or risk the loss of the privilege of riding ATVs at Enid Lake,” according to the press release.
For more information on ATV riding at Enid Lake please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571.  ATV riding information can also be obtained through Tread Lightly at or the ATV Safety Institute at

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