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Tax Exemptions Granted For Three Industries

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY –  Yalobusha supervisors approved three applications from Yalobusha County businesses for 10-year industrial tax exemptions during their monthly meeting Monday.
    The companies and the real value from which the exemptions will be calculated include: Valley Tool, Inc., $1,220,504; Windsor Food Company, LTD, $5,500,000; and Yalobusha Brewing Company, $246,870.
    Tax Assessor/Collector Linda Shuffield reported all three companies had submitted their applications according to law. The exemption, under Mississippi law, can be granted by municipalities and counties for eligible industries that locate or expand in the state. The exemption is granted routinely, both in Yalobusha County and statewide, for the maximum 10-year period and includes all local property taxes except school district taxes.
    Shuffield reported all three exemptions included equipment added to the businesses. At Windsor, the exemption also includes a building expansion.
    “That also includes expansion for the building too, that’s why the figure is so high,” Shuffield explained. “They call it line five,” she added.
    Shuffield also explained the exemption for Yalobusha Brewing only includes equipment.
    “He purchased the building on May 20, so next year he will be asking for an exemption for the building and land. But this year it is just the equipment,” Shuffield explained.  

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