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Not Superstitious? Full Moon, Friday The 13th Brought Plenty Of Action For PD

By Jack Gurner

WATER VALLEY – Things got a little hectic for law enforcement and emergency medical responders over the weekend.
But, only the superstitious would believe it had anything to do with the Friday the 13th full moon. According to the experts, there is no evidence that Friday the 13th is unlucky or that the full moon changes human behavior.
So it is probably just a coincidence that Water Valley Police Officer Chris Blair found a 48-year-old man lying in the middle of North Main Street near the Central Street intersection the next evening under the still full moon. The man was extremely intoxicated. We’ll call him Christopher Sly, for the drunken character in the “The Taming of the Shrew.”  He was arrested and given a court date for the public drunk charge.
As in the play, that incident was just the induction for the drama to come. That same evening Sgt. A. J. Hernandez, Officer Michael Bland and Officer Blair had to deal with an unruly group that exchanged threats with each other and the officers. According to the four police reports, the incident began with the arrest of a 29-year-old female (we’ll call her Bianca) for disturbing the peace. She was yelling obscenities at a 29-year-old male who we’ll call Petruchio. Bianca was released on a recognizance because of lack of room at the jail.
Later the woman’s 24-year-old sister (we’ll call her Katherina) came to the police department requesting an escort to accompany her to a residence on Thornton Street to retrieve her belongings and children. The second police report described a convoluted incident that included an exchange of threats and vulgarities leading to a physical altercation between several individuals. All was not well in Padua.
Officer Bland called for backup and began the process of sorting out the individuals involved in the fights. At least two had to be administered OC (pepper) spray. Those two were taken to the police department for decontamination and were charged with disturbing the peace. They both made bail on a $207.75 bond, the report stated.
Moving on to police report number three, Officer Chris Blair noted that he was called to the scene on Thornton Street to assist Officer Bland. While in the process of trying to handcuff one of the resisting male individuals, another male approached and threatened the officer. After being told he was under arrest for threatening, the male ran into another yard.
The officer told the male to stop and place his hands behind his back. The male assumed a fighting stance and struck the officer, who administered OC spray. The individual continued to swing at the officer and had to be brought down with a strike on the leg with a police baton.
According to this third report, a total of four individuals were arrested and transported to the police department,
Apparently a pair of shoes was also at issue and resulted in Katherina using harsh words in her attempt to retrieve the footwear.
At the police station, Katherina struck Officer Blair and she was given an additional charge of assaulting a police officer.
Moving on to report number four, Officer Blair had to return to Thornton Street after receiving a call that Petruchio had been assaulted by Hortensio, a new character in the play. Hortensio exited a vehicle driven by Bianca and began an assault on Petruchio – all the while being urged on by Bianca – that resulted in a broken ankle.
Petruchio was transported by ambulance.
Rounding out the evening’s activities, Deputy Thomas West and Constable Brent Anderson located the vehicle on Eckford Street. Officer Blair arrived and called for Crocker Wrecker Service (who we’ll just call George) to tow the vehicle since it was involved in a felony.
Report four concluded with a notation that Petruchio and Katherina had a “dating relationship.”
Alas, it unfortunately doesn’t appear that Petruchio tamed the shrew.

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