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City Police Report, March 26 – April 9

Chief A.J. Hernandez reported a city officer initially tried to stop Hopper on the south end of town and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The city officer called off the chase after several miles. Hernandez reported a county deputy encountered the suspect a short time later and also attempted to stop him.

The city officer assisted the deputy in the pursuit that included multiple passes through the Water Valley Boat Landing campground and up and down Hwy. 32. Hopper was charged by the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department for reckless driving, failure to stop for officer, driving while license suspended and simple assault on officer. He will also be charged by the police department for attempted aggravated assault on a police officer.

Other activity reported by the Water Valley Police Department from March 26 – April 9 includes:

• Took a report of stalking on Duncan Street on March 26;

• Took a report of molestation that had been referred from the Department of Human Service on March 27. 

The case remains under investigation.

• Made an arrest for disorderly conduct on West Lee Street on March 28.

• Took a report of a disturbance on Stephens Street on March 28.

• Responded to a call of malicious mischief at Wright’s Grocery on March 28. Several windows were busted and the case remains under investigation.

• Responded to a report of trespassing on Main street on March 28. The suspect was advised not to return to the property.

• Investigated a report of joy riding on March 29. No charges were filed after the car was returned.

• Served a bench warrant for the Lafayette County sheriff’s department.

• Responded to a report of trespassing on March 31 on Boyd Street.

• Worked a vehicle wreck on North Main Street on March 30. 

• Made an arrest for public drunk on Martin Street on March 31.

• Worked a vehicle wreck in the parking lot of Cash Savers on April 1.

• Responded to a report of shoplifting after a store employee followed the suspect in a personal vehicle.

• Served a felony warrant for Oxford Police Department at Rolling Hills on April 2.

• Responded to a report of a vehicle burglary on Main Street on April 2. The owner reported money was taken from the vehicle, but was not sure if the doors were locked. No damage was reported to the vehicle.

• Took a report of a deer running into a vehicle after the driver came to the police department on April 3.

• Investigated a vehicle accident on Hwy. 32 on April 4 after the driver left the scene of the accident.

• Made an arrest on North Main Street for trespassing on April 4.

• Took possession of drug paraphernalia after a good Samaritan discovered it on Blackmur Drive and turned it in on April 4.

• Worked a two-car wreck on Beacham Street on April 4.

• Served a notice of trespassing on Blackmur Drive on April 4.

• Took a report of a missing pistol on April 5. The owner reported the gun was in a bag and it was lost on North Main Street.

• Took a report of credit card fraud after the card was reported stolen in Water Valley. Hernandez reported the fraudulent charges were made in Lafayette County.

• Worked a two-car vehicle wreck on South Main Street on April 7.

• Served a warning for violation of the city’s beer ordinance at a convenience store on April 8

• Issued a citation for violation of the city’s dog ordinance on Main Street on April 9.

• Worked a vehicle wreck on Central Street on April 9.

• Wrote 16 traffic citations.

Investigated three different reports of child neglect after receiving referrals from the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

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