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Yalobusha County Arrest Log

  This is a list taken from the log at the Yalobusha County Detention Center. A name listed does not indicate that a person is guilty of the crime with which they are charged, only that the person has been taken to and processed at the facility. 

Arrests recorded from September 24-October 8:

•  Ordie King IV—Burglary, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, Aggravated Assault—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office.;

• Faith Henderson—Justice Court Warrant;

  • Stacy Best— Hold for Tallahatchie Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Corey Logan—Malicious Mischief, Trespassing—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Gloria Jones—Aggravated Domestic—Oakland Police Dept.;

• Ralph Carr, Jr.—Kidnapping—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Gary Cardenas—Sexual Battery, Fondling—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Otey Dahl—Domestic Violence—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Ashley Scoggins—Disorderly Conduct, Trespassing—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office.;

• Perry Horton—Simple Assault—Coffeeville Police Dept.;

• Trevor Baker—24 Hours to Serve for Justice Court;

• Kristina Kirk—Disorderly Conduct—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Johnny Hervey—Serving Weekends for Justice Court;  

• Mary Foster—Hold for Carroll Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Virgil Wade—Hold for Tallahatchie Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Oyteldric Woodard—Simple Assault—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Tyra McCray—Domestic Violence—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

•  Marcus Robinson—Felony Malicious Mischief—Yalobusha Co. Sheriff’s Office;

• Karen Hynous—Driving with Suspended License, Careless Driving—Oakland Police Dept.;

• Jason Hughes—Bench Warrant—Hold for Panola Sheriff’s Office;

• Bobby Phillips—7 Days to Serve for Drug Court;

• Patricia Daniel—Hold for Investigation;

• Trevor Baker—24 Hours for Justice Court;

• Gvarris Morgan—DUI, No Proof of Insurance, No Drivers License—MS Highway Patrol.

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