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Yalobusha County Arrest Log

This is a list taken from the log at the Yalobusha County Detention Center. A name listed does not indicate that a person is guilty of the crime with which they are charged, only that the person has been taken to and processed at the facility. 

Arrest recorded from December 7-January 7:

•  Danielle Emmerson—Circuit Court Bench Warrant—Oakland Police Dept.;

• Roxanne Miller—Resisting Arrest, Disturbance of a Family—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Darnell White—DUI 1st, No Drivers License, No Insurance—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Leonso Sierra—Burglary—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Clay Potts—Suspended Driver’s License—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Everett Beasley—Possession of Paraphernalia—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Michael Fisher—Utility Theft—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Janie Martin—DUI, Possession of Marijuana—MS Highway Patrol;

• Jason Edwards—Bond Surrender—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

  • Marvin Belmont—Paraphernalia, Expired Tag—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

  • Tina Archer—Disorderly Conduct—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Morgan Myers—Possession of Paraphernalia—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

 • Thomas Boland—Possession of Paraphernalia, Hunting from Road, No Hunting license–Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept./MDWFD;

• Justin Brown— Hunting from Road, No Hunting License—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept./MDWFD;

• Charles Calder—Hunting from Road, No Hunting License—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept./MDWFD;

• Kenneth Hobson, Jr.—Simple Assault—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Joshua Norwood—Possession of Paraphernalia, Driving While License Suspended—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

•  Barbara McCullar—Warrants, False Identity—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Karen Hynous—Assault of Law Enforcement x2, Aggravated Assault, Burglary—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Cleveland Williams—Disturbance of a Family—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Robbie Melton—Driving with Suspended—License—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Tony Wiley—Trespassing—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Samuel Johnson—Possession of Marijuana with Intent—Coffeeville Police Dept.

• R. T. West—Child Endangerment, DUI 1st, Reckless Driving—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Rickey Caldwell—Domestic—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Tammy Nix—DUI 1st, Careless Driving—MS Highway Patrol;

• Larissa Wiggins—Disorderly Conduct, Bond Surrender—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Samuel Stewart—Possession of Paraphernalia with Intent—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Steven Kendall—Capias Warrant—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Desmond Bobleer—DUI, Expired Tag, Reckless Driving—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Justin Tudzer—Possession of Marijuana—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Megan Clark—Bond Surrender—Hitt Bonding Co.;

• Norma William—Possession of Marijuana in Motor Vehicle, Driving while License Suspended—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Schomarray Jones—DUI 2nd, No Drivers License, Careless Driving—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Eric Crossgrove—DUI 2nd, Suspended License—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Luster Pomlee—Bench Warrant—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Anthony Taylor—Failure to Register as Sex Offender—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Kathy Wiley—Joy Riding—Water Valley Police Dept.;

• Chris Hopper—2 Day Drug Court Sanction—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• George Turner—Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.;

• Michael Massey—Possession of Weapon by Felon, Hunting from Road, Possession of Meth—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept./MDWFP;

• Danielle Emerson—Circuit Court Bench Warrant—Yalobusha Sheriff’s Dept.

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