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Deer Decoy Attracts More Than A Poacher

A bag of marijuana and a bag of methamphetamine were seized during an arrest Saturday. George Turner was charged with possession with intent.

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – A decoy deer deployed during a sting in the early morning hours Sunday led to  a drug arrest during a joint operation with the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Sheriff Lance Humphreys reported Michael Massey was charged with possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine and possession of a weapon by a felon.

“Massey shined the decoy deer and then shined a law enforcement vehicle with a spotlight,” Humphreys said about the operation on Hwy. 330 near the Airmount and Binwood communities. The officers on the scene immediately rushed the vehicle and found a loaded rifle laying on the armrest. 

“They also detected a strong marijuana odor in the vehicle,” Humphreys added.

During a search of the vehicle another gun, two meth pipes, a bag of weed, a grinder and aluminum foil with alleged methamphetamine were discovered. Massey was booked in the Yalobusha County Detention Center. The sheriff said the deer decoy was deployed in response to complaints about spot lighters in the area.

Humphreys also said deputies made a drug arrest with a sizable amount of alleged methamphetamine Saturday after responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle near the intersection of Hwy. 330 and Elam Road. George O. Turner of Enid was charged with possession of controlled substance with intent.

“Our dispatch received a call from the owners of property reporting there was a vehicle with an out-of-county tag and a person slumped over inside,” Humphreys told the Herald. When deputies arrived Turner was still slumped over and they had to hit the top of the car to wake him up.

Turner told deputies that there was no contraband in his vehicle and consented to a search. Two syringes were discovered in his pocket and there was a sizable quantity of alleged methamphetamine stashed in a camouflage cellphone pouch on his belt. A bag of a marijuana and other syringes were also stashed in the vehicle, according to the sheriff. 

“A Coffeeville Police officer also responded to back up the deputies on this arrest,” the sheriff added. Turner was booked in the Yalobusha County Detention Center.

Deputies also made a felony drug arrest on Dec. 28 while conducting a driver’s license check point. Samuel Stewart was charged with possession with intent to distribute.

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