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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

My second, three-week round of what I hope is my last chemo treatment began Tuesday. Am always so happy to see long-time friend Sue Hardy when I enter the chemo lab. She takes such good care of me and all the other patients there. Tuesday was the busiest day I’ve seen in the lab, so Sue and I had very little visiting time. I know her legs were worn out when she finally left that afternoon.

For the entire time I was in the lab and that’s most of the day, she was busy bringing us warm blankets, snacks, water and attending any other need we have. She left a little early to pick up her sister at the airport – so glad they were getting in a visit. Looking  forward for another visit with Sue when final infusion begins on November 29.

I like to sit in the middle chair and so far each  time I have gotten it. Sitting  alone, with the other four patients asleep, I picked up the TV control and turned it on with the volume very low. Finally found “Let’s Make A Deal,” which Jimmie and I watch at home, when my neighbor to the left needed a new bag and woke up.

I offered her the control and she said, “No, no, turn up the volume,” which I did. She then explained that she and her Mom had also watched the game together. We enjoyed visiting and at the end of the show her infusion was over.

She left, saying, ”Maybe we can watch TV together again in three weeks” – I hope so.

Later in the week we enjoyed a visit from Valley friends Lucia Holloway and Betty Davis. They brought me up to date on many things going on at home. First bit of news was an update of the Jack’s Family Restaurant going in where Mills Brothers Body Shop was located on South Main. The  construction is moving fast and is expected to open in February.

The body shop has moved out on 315 close to where their father’s, the late Tommy Mills, shop was located. Ed and I spent lots of time in that shop during Jim’s Delta State years. Deer back them were plentiful and about every few weeks he’d collide with one and Tommy would have to find parts to repair the old  810 station wagon. Finally, Tommy says, “If you hit another deer, we’ll have to find a new vehicle.”

Fortunately that was the last deer fatality. The Mills family are great body guys, and I’m so glad they’re still in business, because we still have plenty of deer around.

I’ve also had several calls from my church family, one recently from Pastor Rob Jones, which I was not glad to receive, but rejoice that God has chosen to use him in a more important position. Bro. Rob has resigned as our pastor, having been called to full-time service, following completion of his education at New Orleans Baptist Seminary. He, Jordan, and the girls will be moving there at the beginning of second semester. My prayers and good wishes go  with them.

I was left alone on Saturday as most of the family went for their Covid booster shot. Mine has been postponed until further in this round of chemo. Also, I have to get two pneumonia shots and a flu shot. I’m going to have lots of sore arms over the next few weeks. In my lifetime I’ve never had a pneumonia shot and only one flu shot. Guess I need them or they would not  be ordered.

I had enjoyable employment this week. Bo beat the squirrels to the pecans. He cracked them and I got the job of picking them out. Having something useful to do was so much fun. I’d eat breakfast, grab my bowls just like I was on the clock. Looking forward to more being picked up.

Farm news is exciting. We’re expecting 10 baby calves in the spring. Hay harvest has been completed and is already being  eaten, as grass in the pastures has gotten low.

On Saturday, for a gal who is not much of a football fan, I sure was glued to the TV during the State and Ole Miss games. Both were exciting, with big wins for both teams. So proud of our teams.

Thanks again for your calls, cards, letters and especially all of your prayers.

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