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Sage Grass

“The best turkey this year, might be the one you can get,” I read on the American News and Opinion website. They were referring to rumors of a turkey shortage. But an agricultural economist, stated that the shortage is not in turkeys but of truckers on the road. As he put it,

“The turkeys are at the wrong place at the wrong time.” I did notice when I bought mine last week at Larson’s that I got the last large one. Maybe they were able to get in more.

However, there was certainly no shortage of turkeys at Davidson Elementary! As I walked down their halls Monday, I found myself surrounded by a whole flock of brilliantly colored turkeys. They were hanging from the walls, proclaiming the coming Thanksgiving holidays – oblivious of their looming doom.

Ms. Chastity Logsdon set the example for her second-grade class, in writing down some of the things they are thankful for.

Out of 15 Thankful Notes, all 15 said they were thankful for family and friends. Nine mentioned good food. Seven said they were thankful for their school-that says a lot for their teacher. Three were thankful for soldiers; and four students mentioned their pets. Aiden, a budding artist, no doubt, drew pictures of his family. One child commented, “It’s fun to get out of school.”

Turkeys – personally, I think it’s nostalgia that brings thousands to roost on Thanksgiving tables every year. We all know that the pilgrims had turkey with cornbread dressing and giblet gravy on that first Thanksgiving Day! Aren’t turkeys what we went “over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house” for? Somehow the turkey symbolizes tradition- that stabilizing link to the past. Of course, their size makes them the bird of choice at a feast, and children of all ages are captivated with their wattle and enchanting gobble.

Trooping back from the past are memories of Thanksgivings at Jeff Davis. As we lined up to make the trek to the outside lunchroom, a third grader was asked to give thanks. She prayed,“Dear God, Thank You for my mama and my daddy and thank You for that turkey out yonder in the lunch room.” No question about it.

Another child’s report of their Thanksgiving, “I wanted a turkey, but all we had was a skinny chicken.”

Did you know that gratitude is good for your health?

Amit Sood, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic boldly declares, “a daily gratitude practice has been shown to significantly increase your happiness and your physical health. Practicing gratitude improves sleep, boosts immunity and decreases the risks of disease.”

Dr. Norman Rosenthal, a psychiatrist said, “some people may not be thankful by nature, but it is a habit you can acquire.”

Thanksgiving – the practice of gratitude-a way of life. As is always the case when God gives a command, it’s for our good. Many times over,

He says, “Be ye thankful.”

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! Maybe a little late to go hunting –but hopefully everyone’s turkey will be in the right place.

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

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