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Warning For New Moms: Don’t Underestimate Haircut And Dentist Time

Hill Country Living
By Coulter Fussell

Well, here I am at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning writing this week’s column on my phone from the waiting room of the dentist’s office. I’m bitter about the fact that no one warned me of the amount of time I would spend taking my kids to the dentist’s office and/or dropping them off for haircuts. Why does everyone feel the need to warn moms about every single other thing about parenting except for these two things? For a parent, juggling the dentist visit and hair-cut aspect of the lives of pre-teens and teenagers is akin to a part-time job.

In my former experience, doctors’ checkups were loaded heavy on the front end — in the newborn, daycare and kindergarten days. Thankfully, there were no haircuts then due to minimal hair. Then all that tapered off and it was just 10 solid years of baseball, concession stand dill pickles and Christmas programs in the gym.

Well those days are over. I’m a chauffeur for other people’s self-care regimens. While we do love our dentist and hairdresser (Hi, Dr. Weeks and Constance!), parents of younger kids be warned: the want for non-Bubba teeth and control over personal style comes at the same growth stage for kids. Mentally prepare to sit in a waiting room during work days. Go ahead and download a game on your phone to pass the time.  I hear Worlde is really popular. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. 

In weather news, I would say it has been bananas but it’s too cold for bananas. They’d freeze and turn brown just like everything in my garden did. The frigid temperatures have even kept some of my regular around-town fellow walkers indoors and that’s saying a lot because the various Water Valley morning walkers are quite the devoted bunch.

I’m hoping that by mentioning how cold it is in my column the weather will turn warmer before this goes to press as I always accidentally publish entirely outdated weather information. So, if the temperatures are Spring-like on Wednesday then you’re welcome. 

Either way, January is almost over and Turnage’s has their February display up: a zoo of Valentine’s stuffed animals chillin’ in a shopping cart. This is a big deal as my youngest child loves to be spoiled and buying a massive Valentine’s doll that has been on display for the whole town to see is right up his alley. 

 Last year the large pink Valentine’s monkey was sold before I could get it for him so I had to settle for the brown Valentine’s monkey. It was actually more realistic in terms of monkey-ness but just didn’t have the Valentine’s spark of the pink monkey. I know my kid has his eye on the giant pink unicorn this year and so if you’re thinking about getting that for your own spoiled child then, fair warning, we might have to fight for it. Also, fair warning, you’d probably win. I’m weak.

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