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Beware Of Phone Solicitations

 A company representing the Mississippi Game Wardens Association has been calling businesses in the area to solicit money. Government regulations require them to give information about their company and the amount of money which actually goes to the “charity” they represent, if asked.

    The person who called claimed that the name of the company is Brent-Wyatt of Southaven. However, he was unable to spell the name and I did not find a listing for a company by that name.

    When asked how much of the money went to the Game Wardens Association, he said that they get 28 percent.

    Consumer groups are constantly issuing warning about telephone solicitations. Be aware that some unscrupulous companies are using names similar to the Heart Fund or the Cancer Society to make consumers believe they represent legitimate charities. The safest thing to do is simply hang up when called.

    You should only deal with local representatives who you know and trust.
Jack Gurner
116 Dupuy Street
Water Valley

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