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Reader Takes Issue With Statistics

Letter to the Editor:

  When using statistics as an argument for or against some issue, courtesy should require the source be cited. That way, intelligent people can determine their fairness and accuracy. To paraphrase an old saying, “Figures don’t lie but misguided people can sure figure.” Were these numbers fairly and properly obtained or did the compiler have “an axe to grind”?

  If a number is provided (again uncited), give us also the total number for all rapes and assaults and the percentage of those which were not alcohol related. Surely there were some!

  The term “leading risk factor” is meaningless. No numbers are provided to illustrate the “magnitude” of this leading risk.

  Since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, we all now have a conscience to tell us right from wrong. I don’t need anyone forcing their conscience on me. I have one of my own—Thank you very much.

  Finally, by all means pass and enforce laws against the abuse of beer but not the accessibility of same.

  /s/Don W. “Bill” Moore
  402 Wagner Street
  Water Valley, MS

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