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The Ideal Candidate In 2007? Tomato Stakes

The myriad list of political candidates in this year’s election is really overwhelming, isn’t it? The Herald, on June 14, listed pictures of six different and differing candidates in the sheriff’s race this year! Jeepers! What a crowd! Just think, if they all hosted BBQs, one per week, we could be politically engorged all the way to the primary. Interesting thought, huh?

In my beat’s supervisor race, we have two dynamically different candidates. The incumbent, Tommy Vaughn has experience as a supervisor, and is a lifetime Yalobusha County resident, while Mickey Hall is a fresh face, long time Memphis resident, and has in-law ties to Yalobusha County. Its just sssoooooo confusing! What to do? Who to vote for?

Everyone seems to have plenty of advertising. Their little (and not so little) plastic signs are seen everywhere – stuck any place they are allowed to stay. This picture as taken on Main street on the lot containing the “C. W. White Gas Pump Museum” on June 16, 2007.

Think about it. This candidate has no political agenda other than existing. Has no unmentionable family members. Has never been arrested. Has no “outside” children. Has never been divorced. Has never been involved in any scandal at any time. Has no “political machine” backing that would hamper political judgment “for the people”. Has no skeletons in the closet that would force political suicide, and certainly has never even MET Monica Lewinsky!

To me, Tomato Stakes is THE PERFECT CANDIDATE.!

Please make all political contribution checks for Tomato Stakes payable to either:

Bethel Baptist Cemetery Fund
c/o Bill Finch Jr
500 S Main St
Water Valley MS 38965


Baptist Children’s Village
P O Box 27
Clinton MS 38060-0027

Bill Finch, Jr.
Self Proclaimed Political Analyst, Yalobusha County, Mississippi

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