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Citizens Need To Address Parole Board

Dear Editor:

  I want to thank you for your article concerning the plight of rape victims in our county because of the possibility of parole for a convicted rapist—one who had received a life sentence for his crimes. Now is indeed the time for us as citizens to speak out to the Parole Board.         The innocent victims of this rapist are the VICTIMS in this case. They are the ones who have received a “Life Sentence” because of his actions. And they have no Parole Board to set them free and say “You have paid your debt to society”. They will never be free from the nightmare that this person caused—even while he remains in prison, much less from the increased agony if he is released. I, for one, think that it is time for us as citizens to make our opinion known to the Parole Board.

    My letter is already in the mail. Please print the address and pertinent information again. Also, for this rapist to remain in prison for life could cause other potential criminals to know that the consequences of the law are real.


  /s/James Edwards

   Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church    

    To write a letter voicing your opinion about the whether Gordon should be paroled, write to: Mississippi State Penitentiary; P.O. Box 158, Parchman MS, 38738. Please include the name and inmate number, which 44283).

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