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Chamber Will Not Endorse Any Single Candidate

To The Citizens of Water Valley and Yalobusha County,

    CAMPAIGNS ARE IN FULL.  Signs and slogans of every shape and color decorate our town and county. Your screen door looks like a painting when you drive up your driveway following a day of candidate visiting. It almost creates a feeling of festivities!

    The Chamber of Commerce supports each person who has announced their intention to run for the various offices. It is a great satisfaction to know there are so many committed and capable people willing to serve the people of our city and county.

    To answer a question that has surfaced more than once in the last weeks, the Chamber does NOT endorse, nor offer help directly to any individual candidate. We encourage all the candidates to be honest and upright in the mechanics of their campaign so that when the voters make their decisions and the votes are counted, we will all be ready to work together to make our community a better place.

    I welcome your questions when you have a concern. I also appreciate the many expressions of kindness and encouragement that have been extended to me for my work with the Chamber. It has been a pleasure. Together – we can make a difference?

    Joe Newman
    Water Valley Area Chamber
    of Commerce

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