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Citizen Questions City Ordinances, Officials

To Citizens of Water Valley:
  Don’t depend on the Mayor and Board. You can’t believe what they say. They will tell you one thing and do another. The ordinance on RV’s is bull.
  The Mayor tells you one thing and tells a story about something else. The big thing is you can’t believe what he says. As a concerned citizen I am sick of the whole thing. Been here for 47 years and have never seen a mess like this before.
  Comparing the City to other towns like Oxford, Horn Lake, Batesville, Tupelo is not right, we don’t have the people to support big spending like they are doing or the ordinances they have.
   This is a retirement town and nothing else. When you can’t do anything on property that you own something is wrong. This town is too small for these ordinances. I have a lot 100 ft. x 150 ft. deep, with a 24×56 house on the lot and a camper. I do not have room to do anything on it. Can’t depend on the Mayor to do the right thing.
  If you are not rich or wealthy you are nothing in this town. Been in volunteer fire fighting for 30 years in this town and am now going to sell house and lot to go to the county to live. There are too many ordinances to live by in the city.
  Concerned Citizen
  /s/Terry Cobern
  1517 Central St

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