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Reader Believes Churches Shoudn’t Dabble In Politics

Dear Editor,
    I would like to express my opinions on the churches’ recent involvement in politics.
    In the last few months I have seen an ugly truth made public. Just because people put steeples, crosses and names like church on a building, it doesn’t mean it’s a place of God. My understanding of a church is a place to learn of and to teach of God.
    It is my opinion that some of the churches of today are against the free will of people. I believe we as people were given free will as a necessary tool for learning. It is not the church’s place to dictate to its members how to live.
    However, it is the place of the church to teach its members how to live in God’s ways. Most churches of today seemingly have become nothing more than a way of showing off. Kind of a “status quo” deal.
    I feel like it is time for the churches to quit preaching politics and start teaching of God’s ways.  

John Massie
McLarty Street
Water Valley

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