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Reader Responds To Citizen’s Ordinance Letter

Dear Editor:

  I would like to respond to concerned citizen Terry Cobern’s letter to the editor.

  Obviously, Mr. Cobern, you have not attended a meeting lately of Water Valley citizens that are concerned with the way others perceive your town. This is not a retirement town!!! There are many young professionals moving to our town who desire the atmosphere we have in Water Valley. Many have young children that will grow up here. They care how our town looks. I am retired, but I work continuously to help improve Water Valley’s image. I don’t have an RV, but if I did, or my neighbor did, I would be offended if they parked it beside their house.

  Central Street is the gateway to our wonderful little town. There are several houses along this route that could use a yard and porch cleaning.

  What has the mayor told you that you can’t believe? There are city zoning ordinances in Water Valley. The mayor had nothing to do with these ordinances.

  No, we are not the size of Oxford, or Tupelo but that does not make us have less pride in our town. Water Valley is not rich but we do have a sanitation crew and street crews that work hard to keep our town looking nice. It doesn’t cost anything to clean up the trash and garbage around your house.

  If you can sell your house, I hope you can find a nice home in the country where ordinances do not conflict with your lifestyle.


Concerned citizen,
  Pat Ray
  118 Panola St.,
    Water Valley
Member of Water Valley Town and Country Garden Club and the Main Street Association Economic Development Foundation

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