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School Dress Code Should Also Apply To Employees

Dear Editor
    I was reading your article in last week’s edition on the “Dress Guidelines at High School Outlined.”
    I noticed the principal enforcing the dress code for the students, but has anyone ever paid attention to the teaching staff at the elementary school?  Someone needs to pull the ruler out on them and measure their attire.
    How can you send a child home because of the length of his/her pants or the slogan on his/her shirt, when the teaching staff has a skirt or pants shorter and tighter than the student?
    The questions asked for the students in last week’s paper should be answered by the teachers as well. It is one thing to dress comfortably to teach, but another to dress inappropriately.
    We have one of the most outstanding school districts in this area. (Level 5) Water Valley School District has graduate degree, master teachers and teachers with  outstanding accomplishments.
    Let’s continue to make Water Valley School System something to be proud of.
    Employee of Water Valley School District
(Editor’s note: Name withheld due to writer’s concerns over job security.)

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