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Candidate Praises Opponent

Dear Sir,

    Tommy Vaughn is a gentleman and he won the election fairly and squarely. He ran his campaign in a quiet and outstanding manner. He displayed exceptional kindness toward me and I’m grateful. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to enter the race, and the best man won.

    Mr. Vaughn’s competence, exemplary conduct, and bearing reflects much credit upon himself. If our county had more men like him, then we’d all have less to worry about.

    I enjoyed campaigning on the motorcycle and “Zip” the horse. I appreciate all the help I got from friends and family. Sissie never said “I told you so.” I love that gal!

    I met some wonderful people and spent time with many of them. I appreciate the kind words from Betty Shearer on Wednesday morning.

    I am of good cheer because God is in the plan!


    Mickey Hall

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