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Letter to the Editor

Beer Election Date Now In Supervisors’ Hands

Dear Editor,

    As of  last Friday morning, the petition that has made so much news for the last several months in Yalobusha County, known as the Beer Petition, has been certified by the Circuit Clerk and the five Beat Election Commissioners as having more than enough qualified voters to meet the requirements set by the state of Mississippi.

    With this certification, it is certain that the question of legal beer and light wine will be voted on. The Yalobusha Progressive Association has told all that have signed the petition, or reported on it, or anyone who would listen that the goal was to see the petition on the November 6 general election ballot.

    The reasons for this are twofold, one that as many Yalobushians will vote on this as possible, so that the people’s wish is clearly heard and secondly that this petition, held in the general November and not a special election, will not cost our county any extra funds.

    The YPA has proceeded in a deliberate and timely manner, met all the guidelines and deadlines set by the state of Mississippi. We had contacted and received guidelines from the state Attorney General. We have had multiple communications with the County Board of Supervisors as to timing. We have regularly advertised this petition throughout the county over the last five months. The opposition to this petition has also advertised for the last several months. It should be to no one’s surprise, pro or con, that this petition was coming.

    We feel now that with the certified petition back in the hands of the County Board of Supervisors and clear that this petition must by law be voted on, it is solely up to the Board to decide whether this issue will be included on the November 6, 2007 general election ballot, or whether the Board will call a special election alone for this issue thus guaranteeing an additional 25-thousand-dollar expense to Yalobusha taxpayers.


    Mickey Howley

    Blackmur Drive

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