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Yalobusha Boy Faces Surgery For Seizures, Community Asked For Financial Help

Dear Editor,

  There is a young family in town that needs our help. Tim and Maria Willingham have a two year old son who has been diagnosed with severe myclonic syndrome (seizures to the lay person). They are so bad he is having to wear a helmet to keep from injuring himself. T. J. will have surgery at LeBonheur Hospital in Memphis October 26. The doctor will remove a portion of the brain that is causing the seizers.

  Tim has Blue Cross Insurance where he works, but the family is being told that only 60% of the surgeon’s fees will be covered under insurance. The remaining 40% of the surgeon’s fees of $3,748 must be paid by the family. $1,874 must be paid before the surgery, with the remaining $1,874 to be paid afterward. He is scheduled to be in the hospital for five days which will mean added expense to the family.

  The outcome of T. J.’s surgery and how to raise that much money in that length of time is unknown to this family.

  This is where we come in. The family is setting up an account at Mechanics Bank for T. J. or people can give through their church. We are collecting for T. J. through my Sunday School Class (the Homebuilders) at First United Methodist Church.

  We all know bad things happen to good people but we can lighten their load.


    /s/Julia Taylor

  204 Cobil

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