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Nov. 22, 2007

All Bad Habits And Addictions Start With The First Step


Dear Editor:

  I would like to respond to John Tatum’s letter which appeared in the November 15 edition of the North Mississippi Herald. I am one of the deacons that signed the resolution in which John referred. I did business with John when he had his restaurant. Quite frankly I miss it. I also have the utmost respect for him and his family. And he is correct; I am not elected by anyone, in this world, as an official for the public.

   On the other hand I am called by, and accountable to, a power much greater than that of anyone who holds a local, state or federal office. But seeing as where this great country was founded on the principles of the Bible and realizing that the Lord requires me as a “true” Christian to “proclaim from the rooftops” (Matthew 10:27) His truth I, along with other Christians, MUST make known what His word says. Proverbs 23:33 tells us how our minds can be altered by alcohol consumption. I also agree with John that guns, cars, cheeseburgers, four-wheelers, etc. can kill.

    But none of them have the propensity to cloud your mind and cause you to make rash, irresponsible decisions. Decisions that can have devastating and long lasting consequences, to us as individuals, to our families and to our communities.

  And to address the argument of moderation, I believe there must have been a time that every alcoholic’s first drink was probably in moderation. All bad habits and addictions start with the first step.

  My hope and prayer is that as we, as a county, get ready to make a step, that it will be in the direction of responsibility.

  /s/Billy Childs
  603 S. Main Street
  Water Valley, MS

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