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Jan. 17, 2008

Yalobusha Hospital Patient Expresses Gratitude To All

Dear Editor:

  I recently spent six days in the Yalobusha General Hospital. I want you and the entire community to know what excellent treatment and care I received. Every person who came into my room was cheerful and caring.

  We hear so many bad things about our hospital that I felt that I had to tell everyone that the experience that I had was very good. In fact, I don’t think that I would have received better care anywhere.

  The complaint that I hear most often is about how bad the hospital food is. Not so! My food was always delivered promptly and piping hot. It was delicious and appealing to the eye. My one fear was that the food was so good I would gain weight while there.

  I commend each person who ministered to me and later to another member of my family.

  A simple “Thank you” did not seem sufficient. I want the entire community to know what we have right here in “The Valley”.

  Happy in the Valley.
  /s/Jan Ward
  493 CR 99, Water Valley


Reader Comments on Trash Problem On County Road 436

Dear Editor:
TRASH ON Yalobusha 436

  This past Sunday and Monday (6th and 7th) I went out and started to pick up trash that I had noticed earlier and finally got tired of looking at it. The folks (pigs) who are littering our highways are at it again. We have one litterer who tosses dirty diapers out of her vehicle ( I call her SUPER PIG). What is wrong with you people? Do you know that it is a $500 fine for littering? Apparently not. One of these days you will be caught and it is going to cost you. Folks throw out their trash from Arbys and other places that are not in this city, so we have imported pigs from Oxford and Grenada. I picked up 12 cubic feet of trash from the roadside. Twelve cubit feet! I picked this trash up along a half mile of road. Now think of how many roads we have here in Yalobusha county, you do the math. It cost the State of Mississippi MILLIONS of dollars of your tax money to pick up this trash that could be spent on our schools and roads. Get a litter bag (they are free) and put your trash in it and dump it at your destination not out your window. Please keep our roads clean. The roads will look a million dollars better.

  /s/Gene Stella
  10904 CR 436, Water Valley

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