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Letters To Editor – Feb. 21, 2008

Wicker Blamed For Stimulus Check Cuts To Disabled Vets

Dear Editor;

    According to the Washington Post, Interim Senator Roger Wicker and three other Senators were personally responsible for the compromise that led to Totally Disabled Veterans getting a CUT from $500 to $300 in the current Stimulus Check passed by the Legislature. They voted for Totally Disabled Veterans to get NOTHING until a Compromise settled the Issue by cutting the amount of the Check for Disabled Veterans. See Internet site:

As a Representative, Wicker earmarked multi-million dollar contracts from Corporations in MS to study a weapon the Army neither requested or wanted, of course HE was rewarded with these Corporations becoming his largest Campaign Contributors.

Apparently since Totally Disabled from Combat Veterans were able to only sacrifice their health for MS and America and were not large Campaign Contributors, Senator Wicker decided they should receive less Stimulus Checks than other citizens. I hope Veterans remember this move by Wicker.   

Bobby D. Jefcoat
102 Hemlock Rd
Batesville, MS 38606

Mobile Home Owner Questions City’s Zoning Ordinances

Dear Editor:

  Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to share my experience with the people of Water Valley.

  My name is Dollie Neely Pierce and I want to express my sincere appreciation to my family and friends who have supported me throughout this sad and difficult time. As everyone knows from the paper my doublewide mobile home, located at 935 Blackmur Dr., was destroyed by fire last July. With the limited amount of insurance I received, I was able to purchase a second hand single wide mobile home and have it set up on my property. I still have a sizeable mortgage on the property, so moving to another location was not an option for me. Not having experienced anything like this before, I was not aware that I needed permits from the city to clean up the old trailer and put in a new one, nor was I aware of zoning ordinances.

  The day after the new mobile home was set up, a man from the city came and told me I had to move it. The mayor was contacted and I was told that I would need to go before the City Planning Commission and request a recommendation for a variance. This was done on December 17th. I was told by the City Planning Commission that I would need to go before the Board of Aldermen, which I did on January 2nd. At that meeting, I was told that a variance was not an appropriate request and that my property would need to be re-zoned and that a public hearing would need to be scheduled. This public hearing was scheduled for Feb. 5th, but postponed until February 11th..

  Needless to say, after several of my “neighbors” had their say about how my trailer affected their property values and how it “looked” to people coming into Water Valley, the motion to rezone my property failed due to lack of a second.

  Let me say here, that I am very thankful that we have an alderman like Mr. Fred White who is not afraid to stand up for the people of this town. I am very disappointed in the other four members of our board of aldermen and especially the mayor, who actually said to me when I asked him what am I supposed to do about my home and my credit…”that’s not the city’s problem”. My question is,, “Why is it not the city’s problem?” We elect these people to serve ALL of us, not just those with money and power. I am a tax payer and do not depend on government assistance. I have a job and consider myself a productive citizen. I feel I was treated with no respect and the aldermen and mayor did not even seem concerned with my problems. It just seems to me they are more concerned with “how Water Valley looks” than they are with the people and families who make up this city and vote them in office. What about me? Well, I’ll be ok because I have the Lord on my side and He will provide. As for the elected officials of Water Valley…all I can say is…election time is coming.

  /s/Mrs. Dollie Neely Pierce
  391 CR 125
  Water Valley, MS

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