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Letters To Editor – March 13, 2008

City’s Decision A Start, More Action Is Needed

Dear Editor,

    The Yalobusha Progressive Association would like to thank Aldermen Fred White and Tommy Swearengen and Mayor Bill Norris for their courage and common sense.

    On March 4th, the Water Valley Board of Aldermen considered Gene Dunn’s request to sell beer at his Dunn Family Steakhouse. They voted on a motion to reduce the minimum church-to-business distance from 250 to 150 feet. Lance Clement and Sherry Martin voted against Mr. Dunn’s request, White and Swearengen voted for it (Charlie Harris was absent). Mayor Norris broke the tie, casting a vote for fairness and economic vitality.

    Perhaps now the County Board of Supervisors will also review its own excessively restrictive beer restrictions. It is time to roll back the punitive regulations that were designed to pacify the loosing side in the beer election and to instead put sensible and realistic regulations in place—regulations that support, rather than defy, December’s overwhelming vote to legalize beer.

    Last Tuesday’s action by the Water Valley board was a good start. It showed that city government is flexible enough to adjust their hastily enacted regulations when fairness demands that. But there is a long way to go before the city and county beer regulations reflect the clear will of the voters. For starters, the hot-versus-cold and no-advertising issues need to be corrected.

    Now it is up to the people of Yalobusha County and Water Valley to tell their elected representatives that the beer regulations need to be reviewed and revised.

Cliff Lawson
For the Yalobusha Progressive Association
Panola Street
Water Valley

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