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Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor:

  As an officer of the Magnolia Youth League, with 30-plus years behind me, I would like to tout the great things I see happening this year at our local ballpark. Many of our former players who participated in this program over the years, are stepping back up to the “plate” and giving back to the program that was a part of their lives. Many of these young people have no children in our program, but tell me they are ready to give back to a program and a community that was a part of their youth. When I hear this and see these young adults willing to give of their time, talents and money I cannot begin to express how proud it makes me of these young adults—(I glow with pride and so would Crip & Doc!)

  These young adults remember what it is like to be a vital asset of a group and want other children to be able to experience the same feelings. Some in our community have chosen not to enroll their children and even take  children from this program to play for teams not affiliated with this community event. What a shame! Nothing builds a community and establishes childhood memories as playing and sharing fun and experiences that keeps us together as a team. These young adults remember these experiences as children and are ready to help our children develop fond memories as adults.

  I encourage you to come and support this program and my enthusiasm and see who these young people are. Thank them for their time and talents and have supper at our concession stand, while nothing can ever taste like Ms. Geanie’s hamburgers, Ms. Cathy will try to please you.

  I ask that you support this program with positive attitudes, pride  in your community, but most importantly support for our children, who play the game locally.

  Jacob Edwards is our new park director. While he is not new to our program, he is one of these young people that I am speaking of. Jacob is hard-working, has a love for our community and our children, and a willingness to learn and implement new ideas. I look forward to helping Jacob anyway I can, but mostly with positive feed-back of the job that I know he is going to do for this community and for our children.

  /s/Darnell Vaughn


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