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Letter To The Editor

Flood Coverage Brings Back Memories For Reader

Dear Editor,

  The picture in last week’s Herald of the school bus caught in a flash flood brought back a frightening memory. No, I wasn’t in the bus, but my Daddy was. I don’t remember who the driver was. At that time Daddy worked at the school bus shop. When the call came in that a bus was in trouble on Highway 7, he went. The water was coming over the road, and the shoulder was not visible. The bus was tilted sideways on an embankment. Daddy helped get the students off the bus to safety. He then got in the bus and slowly got it back on the road.

  Mother, my sister Nancy, and I were among the spectators. It’s really not a good feeling when one sees their parent in a precarious situation. There were two other times that Daddy put himself in harm’s way on his job.

  Daddy worked at the school bus shop for 26 years. He was a hard working, humble man. There were times he did mechanic work for folks he knew couldn’t pay him. Mother often said that if folks that owed him paid him he would be a wealthy man. He WAS wealthy in other ways. My Daddy was Pat Griffin.

  /s/ Patsy Griffin Francis

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