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Letters To The Editor

Tax Dollars Are Going Out Of Town


To the Editor:

            With regard to the controversy surrounding the “Beer Ordinance” I must say, SHAME ON YOU Board of Aldermen! And perhaps, I should say shame on all of us good citizens of Water Valley for having wasted our VOTES on individuals who appear to be afraid to protect the INTEGRITY of their elected positions and that of  a fellow citizen. I won’t be so quick to waste the power of my vote again, and I urge all my fellow Vallian’s to take heed of all of this. 

            Perhaps, like me, you really don’t care too much about buying beer. But I do care about the tax revenue dollars that are hemorrhaging out of town. That’s money that could be used to take care of OUR wants and needs, and there are plenty we could and should be putting our energies toward.

            I too miss the “Mayberry” days and I care deeply about our collective future. What does all this say about the  reputation of  OUR home town? What message is this controversy sending to our children? Will this be yet another reason for them to move away as soon as they’re able? Will this be the reason others of my generation decide they were right to leave when they did, and not move back, taking their retirement dollars with them?

            See y’all on Election Day. 


            Deborah Johnson



Don’t Force Us To Go Elsewhere


Dear Editor,

            I have been reading with interest the comments about the city’s ordinance on the sale of beer in Water Valley. I do not live within the city limits, however I do occasionally visit the restaurants and also have friends from out of town who come here and like to have a beer with their food. Some who do not eat but are with us and like to have a beer and visit with us without ordering food.                             They are now somewhat  reluctant to visit our local restaurants due to this new ordinance. We have yet to see anyone intoxicated. If that is the purpose of the ordinance, then any intelligent person would know that an eight ounce glass of  100 proof whiskey would be more intoxicating than an eight ounce glass of beer.

            No one in city government has been able to explain the reasoning behind this ridiculous ordinance, especially since the sale of beer was overwhelmingly approved by the voters in the city. The majority should rule. Don’t force us to go somewhere else with our business and don’t continue to  make Water Valley government the laughing stock of North Mississippi.

            Respectively submitted,

            Clyde Herron



Middle Ground Needed On Beer


Dear Editor,

            Did  you know that the motto of Water Valley is “Proud past – exciting future” submitted by Ramona Bernard in 2008 and adopted by the aldermen?    A sentiment that seemed to represent the City well until the past several months. Now that exciting future is in jeopardy.

            Five years ago David and I were searching for the best town in Mississippi to move to (and as far away from hurricane prone Ocean Springs as possible).  David visited many towns and picked Water Valley. We subscribed to the newspaper for three years and were impressed with the glimpse it gave us of this beautiful town. It cemented our resolve to live here. Now we see Water Valley  polarized, not so much from beer/anti-beer positions, but  even more worrisome from the “us against them” philosophy generated by this focal beer issue. We, like many other  “newcomers” are here because Water Valley is an oasis in a world becoming increasingly an  unfriendly place. But, this “oasis” can  slip away if it is not cherished and nourished by all of  us.

            Mr. Hart/Mr. Crow: Your jobs are to  represent the people of this town. If you’re more  interested in saving their souls, then entice them to your church. Your dedication for this beautiful  town is clear and appreciated. Don’t  polarize Water Valley – everyone loses if you  do. There has got to be some  middle ground that will accommodate everyone  involved. Someone needs to step up to find that  middle ground and ALL PARTIES need to be willing to work for  a solution.

            I’m not worried about buying and drinking beer – I am worried  about a town that stays deadlocked on an issue that has degenerated into a polarizing, destructive war between its residents. This is a terrible precedent to be  setting. The time spent on this issue  would have been better spent on fixing our level  “D” schools. Mr. Hart, you’ve done so much for Water Valley to make it a magnet for so many of  us. Don’t leave office with a legacy of animosity between the people who live here.

            Anne Cavanaugh Burke

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