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Letter To The Editor

Life Experiences Affect Alderman’s Decisions


Letter to the Editor:

  Anyone who feels the pull to serve knows the gravity of making decisions that affect the people you serve. Several years ago, I wanted to serve the people of Water Valley, a town that has been good to my family and me, and the people of Ward 3 granted me the opportunity to represent them. No decision I have made at the board table since then has been taken lightly.

  I voted for the beer ordinance changes. It has been  brought to my attention that some in our community have maligned me on social media for that vote. People may disagree with my decisions—such is every American’s right—but I can live with every vote I have cast because I follow my Christian faith in making decisions for the people who elected me.

  Also, on January 26, 1991, my 22-year-old-son was killed by a drunk driver. I know I will be in Heaven with Scotty one day because he accepted the Lord as his savior before he died. Still, I have suffered many years of pain since losing my first son. Scotty’s death deprived me from being able to see him start a family and experience being a grandfather, something many people my age enjoy.

  I hope no one in Water Valley will face what I went through. I do not want to be a part of this happening to any parents or grandparents.

  I can not say why someone would spend time on the Internet to malign someone else, but I can say the decisions I make are based on my life experiences and my Christian faith, and they always will be.

 /s/Phillip Tallant

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