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Hypocrisy? Maybe, But What About Excusing Dishonesty

Dear Mr. Editor

This letter is in response to the letter in last week’s Herald in which the writer expressed dismay at being unfairly labeled a hypocrite among other things after voting for Donald Trump. I myself supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Call me idealistic or worse if you like. Once it came down to Clinton and Trump in the general election I voted for Clinton simply because she had a D by her name instead of an R. 

I knew she was guilty of lying about mishandling classified information in her emails. I knew she was the subject of other investigations as well. I saw everything in her that I didn’t like about politicians. I felt complicit in a way and it’s something that I will have to carry. 

Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe. If so I’ll own it and hope for easier choices in the future. I am certain, however, that normalizing and defending her actions as well as trying to justify my vote morally would certainly make me a hypocrite. I was disappointed with Hillary Clinton the day I voted for her. I have also been vocally critical of President Obama when things didn’t turn out as promised, even though I voted for him twice. 

It is the duty of government and the people to hold our leaders accountable when they fail us. It’s highly concerning when the supporters and the team of an incoming President shrug their shoulders and say that we can’t take him literally. That is excusing dishonesty. That is not real life. That is no example for our children. All I know to do now is to try and not judge folks who did their civic duty by showing up to the polls no matter how they voted. If nothing else let’s try to feel unified that we were part of the too few Americans who showed up to vote. We don’t have a whole lot else to hold us together now. Also, if you are tired of what you see on social media take a break. I shut down my accounts over a year ago and can’t imagine what it was like to look at that everyday over this election cycle.

Love each other, 

Matt Patton

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