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There Are Some NIMBY’s In Town

Dear Editor,

There exist some NIMBYs  (Not In My Backyard) in this here county. Hypocritical ones, at that. In their defense, though, they are only partly to blame. Most of the blame rests on the echo chambers of their social circles.

Social media has made these echo chambers even more polarizing and reinforcing. One ends up parroting the same ideals and opinions that reinforce one’s own, and is subsequently limited in exposure to counter opinions, arguments, and ideas. It negatively impacts the ability of one to form opinions of one’s own. 

Numbers 43 and 44 of the Herald’s current volume offer up a perfect example of this phenomena.

In #43, we infer through parody that The Donald’s ideas of restricting access to our nation to groups of (supposed) malcontents is deplorable and stupid. In #44 it is now a good and perfect thing to restrict access to our community to (supposed) malcontents. 

Hey pot! It’s the kettle calling. 

John Horner

Wood Street

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