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The Media Landscape Is Controlled By Progressive Voices? Not True

To the Editor:

In one of letters to the editor in last week’s Herald, the writer noted, “We are all victims of journalism that has become the property of progressive ‘reporters’ who no longer report what they see.  They twist the news into personal observation colored by their ideological agendas…” 

Seriously?  What about Fox News which has for years reported only those stories that fit their “ideological agenda.”  How about the rise of alt-right sites like Breitbart News or The Vigilant Citizen (child porn in the DC pizza restaurant)?  Let’s not forget Alex Jones – the king of conspiracy theory.  Talk about twisting the news…  

Each of us has our own confirmation bias and consume news accordingly.  However to say that the media landscape is controlled only by progressive voices is simply not true.  And no one is a “victim” of journalists.  There are now so many available options.

Charlotte Lane

Market Street

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