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Condescending Letter Insults Town

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Harry Alexander for demonstrating the differences between our town and Oxford.  While a LARGE portion of the letter is all about him (relevance?), he finally gets to the point.  But his point is his biggest mistake.  Harry thinks we want our town to look like Oxford.   

This condescending letter to the editor once again insults us and our town.  It also displays his total lack of knowledge about the revitalization of Main Street and its impact on the economic health of Water Valley.  Harry seems to think that hauling in trailers is equivalent to our neighbors’ actually saving and restoring both historic commercial buildings as well as homes throughout town. 

As Frank Rolfe (owner of multiple trailer parks and co-founder of Mobile Home University) told a group of potential investors, “Don’t get hung up on appearances.  REMEMBER, YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE IN THOSE HOUSES.”  And neither do the Golden Wing guys and their families. 

So, Harry, keep your talk about their character and integrity.  This project is all about quick and dirty money.  We don’t consider ourselves “so fortunate” to have Golden Wing decide to carpet bag in our town.

One last suggestion for Harry – let your son and his friends fight their own battle.  Your continuing disdain for Water Valley is doing them no favors. 


Charlotte Lane

Market Street    

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