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Trailer Park Brings Legitimate Concerns

Dear Mr Alexander,

I am sorry if you are upset with some of the comments by folks in Water Valley.

Mr. Alexander, we are a  small town of 3500 people. We wouldn’t mind if the Developers (one who is your son) build low income homes or apartments.(solid structures) We DO NOT  want a large trailer park behind a residential neighborhood. Trailer parks devalue property values. That is a fact sir.

You all live in lovely neighborhoods in Oxford.   I truly doubt your neighbors would be happy if a trailer park was planted behind your subdivision.

If the developers really cared about US, the residents of Water Valley, they should have met with the mayor, alderman and townspeople to find out if there really is such a need.

What we do need is an industry FIRST.

We don’t have public transportation, or lots of jobs, like Oxford.

Mr. Alexander, we are teachers, retired professionals, artists, bricklayers, you name it, who, in the past 10 years, have helped to restore a town that could have fallen by the wayside like many small towns throughout the US.  I’m from a small town in upstate New York, and have lived in cities and towns throughout the country. I’m 62 and speak from experience. I moved here from New Orleans, post-Katrina, 9 years ago, and have seen changes for the better.  We want smart, sustainable development in our town.

Sadly I know many people who do not like the changes in Oxford. It has become a Sprawl Village, with crowded housing. Many residents are dealing with water and sewage issues because Oxford has developed so quickly in such a short period of time.

I realize there is a need -but you have to be really careful about how to grow a town.

Here is an example of Developers doing the Right Thing.

When I lived in New Orleans a  low and mixed income apartment building was going to be made one block from my home from an existing old factory.

The developer held monthly meetings to listen to neighbors questions and concerns about this plan.

In the end, the developer made some compromises, lowering the scale of apartments and adding interior off street, parking. The apartment complex has been very successful because the developer showed care for the community, the building looks great and the tenants love it.

My mother and stepdad bought a trailer in an “over 55” trailer park in upstate NY. In the 90s.

It looked like a real neighborhood with roads, lawns and was WELL MANAGED. The owners lived in the trailer park. It was not next to a residential community.

Mom lived there for 3 years, then sold her home after my stepdad died. Eight years later my mother went to visit a friend who still resided at the trailer park. The park had been sold. The new management didn’t take care of the trailer park and it quickly went down hill (trash, crime, the lot).

These are REAL and LEGITIMATE concerns, Mr Alexander.

So- I am sorry if you are angry but WE feel like we are being treated like a Serfdom and not like neighbors who really care about the growth and direction of our community.

Patricia D’Amico-Warren

     Panola Street

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